ONA is an E-Commerce website designed to promote and sell the brands products which follows a minimal black and white color scheme.

About ONA

ONA's user interface design embodies elegance and simplicity, reflecting the brand's commitment to minimalism and sophistication. With a sleek black and white color scheme, the website's layout exudes a sense of refinement and modernity.

Minimal aesthetics

ONA uses a minimalist aesthetic using simple rectangular elements, creating an experience where content and actions take the forefront of the user experience.

Product Architecture

ONA website's information architecture uses a hierarchical structure allowing users to quickly navigate to their required information through branches of categories and explore the website.


ONA is designed to efficiently organize all contents, to ensure clear user journey and seamless navigation.
Its contents has been consolidated into four main sections:


• Hours & admission

• Map

• Tours & Guides

• Group Visit


• Current

• Upcoming

• Past


• Current

• Upcoming

• Past


• The Collection

• Artworks

• Artists

ONA's sections

Landing Page

Landing page consists of key highlights of the museum, presented in an variation of content layouts to make different sections distinguishable and user journey interesting.

• Hours & admission
• Current exhibitions
• Events
• Collections
• Store
• More to explore

Call to action buttons are used in between for user convenience.

Task Flow

ONA has a one-path flowchart for a specific mission.

ONA's exhibition details

ONA's artwork details


Grid system

ONA uses grid system to ensure clean and organized layout.

ONA's grid System


ONA's UI uses color to express elevation differences between elements, rather than shadows. For example, cards show the boundaries of their containers by having a color distinct from the background, without casting shadows.

ONA's elevation


Color theme

ONA's color scheme is kept to black, grey and white, which acts as a blank canvas that accentuates the artworks and images on the website effectively, directing the user's attention to the visual elements. Adding additional colors could potentially divert the user's focus, especially considering the presence of vibrant images on this website.

ONA's color theme


Color Contrast

Text legibility is preserved by an adequate contrast between the font color and the background. For WCAG 2.1 AA compliance, text should have a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 (larger text at least 3:1).
NMMA has a minimum contrast ratio of 8:1 for normal text which complies WCAG 2.1 AA.


Type scale

ONA's type scale provides the typographic variety necessary for its content. The website uses ‘Circular’ as primary typeface, making use of the variety of weights available with Circular Light, Regular, Medium, and SemiBold. ‘Playfair display’ has been used as secondary typeface.

ONA's Type scale


NMMA uses the sans-serif typeface Circular as primary typeface.

ONA's letterform

Playfair Display

ONA uses the serif typeface Playfair Display as secondary typeface.

Playfair Display’s letterform


ONA's custom icons are designed with a linear style.

1. To create consistency, all of NMMA’s icons share the same underlying grid structure.
2. A collection of NMMA’s icons



Components are grouped into shape categories based on their size.
Shape categories let you set multiple component values at once. Shape categories include:

• Small components
• Medium components
• Large components

ONA's shape categories



NMMA’s buttons

Image List

Horizontal Carousel

This image list uses a horizontal carousel inviting the user to continue to scroll sideways and explore content.

ONA's buttons


Grid layout is used to show artists.

ONA's image grid


ONA's motion design uses emphasized easing and longer durations to establish a bold and delightful experience.

Launch screen

ONA uses a parallax animation to introduce the museum by dynamically showcasing its name and providing a glimpse of select artworks within its collection.

ONA's launch screen

Panning animation

Collections are shown in slow horizontal movement of the artworks. Artwork’s labels appear while hovering over it.

ONA's panning animation to show artworks

@2024 Tyler Schmidt All rights reserved.

@2024 Tyler Schmidt All rights reserved.