eBay Seller Center

Ebay Seller Center is an information resource for all eBay sellers - from first time users to professional online merchants. At 300+ pages this site was overdue for an information architecture audit. I was brought on as lead UX designer to perform the audit and lead the new site redesign. We defined the problem as solving for a method to present detailed selling information to every skill level of user in a digestible fashion. 

Our team reduced the site to 77 pages with a completely different organizational structure and a completely new UI/IA. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 12.32.52 PM.png


Post-It brainstorming sessions moved us to two interaction models for user behavior - Guided Experiences and Self Selection. With these models, users looking for a how-to plan could get started with guides at their level of experience, or self-select a specific topic for a quick in-and-out interaction. This mental model of dual experiences: guided or self-selected defined our content organization strategy.


IA Audit

The next step was the content audit. I printed out the entire website, and scrubbed it for redundancies, content and poorly organized pages. This audit allowed me to build out the sitemap with the full site's content.

M02 - Seller Center Navigation.png

Modular Design System

Armed with the sitemap and fresh from digesting and reorganizing this entire site, we began the atomic design phase. After we made some early decisions on elements like type sizes, colors and buttons, I began building out the larger components.

I created a set of 27 modules as reusable containers for content throughout the site. You can see my initial sketches here.


Process Images


The Results

I applied this design system to every page on the site though a documentation system based on excel and page guides in keynote. This system was delivered to developers for production. The site is now live.


Creative Team:

Cam Altamura - Design Lead

Ludovic Gougat - Strategy Director

Holly Brousseau - Project Manager