Muscle Butter


CLIENT: Muscle Butter - Massage Therapy

ROLE: Design Consultant / Web Developer


I built a website for my wife's massage therapy studio in SF :-)  She provides myofascial and movement therapy in the form of manual body work and mobility training.  The goal was to establish her new studio's credibility and educate customers on the benefits of myofascial therapy, an emerging form of manual therapy that is very technical and obscure.  

The result was a fully-responsive website with lots of technical information on the fascia, and Alex's professional background. The focus was on making sure customers were well informed as quickly as possible, and book a session. The theme of the site was kept light and airy, to represent the light feeling one has when their body is performing the way it should, and as a subtle reference to our local mascot, Karl the Fog. 

Project Team:

Tyler Schmidt - Front End Web Developer / Designer / Creative Director

Alex Schmidt - Client / Creative Director