KRNC: A hard fork of paper currency.



ROLE: Design Direction, UX


KRNC (pronounced currency) is a new kind of digital money. It will allow global commerce to seamlessly transition to the blockchain, without the risks inherent in native cryptocurrencies.

KRNC is a crypto-coin issued on top of paper money. At launch, for every dollar in your wallet, you will have an equivalent amount of KRNC tied to that piece of paper. The idea here is proof-of-cash. Computer vision and anti-spoofing technology scan the paper bills, read the amount of currency attributed to the bill’s serial number and confirm all that information on a blockchain.

Pylon was tasked by the founder of KRNC to design the User Experience and style of this App. At the time of hiring, the idea was a few technology specs. We were charged with bringing the idea to an MVP. Pylon’s Work was user flows and detailed interaction design comps to deliver a seamless bill scanning experience.

Krnc took its brand inspiration from science-fiction modernism, with a 2001: Space Odyssey bent. To achieve the desired aesthetic, we juxtaposed the ornate styling of paper currency with clean modernist type treatments to create a nice visual balance at the nexus of digital and physical currency. In order to seed adoption, we worked on a Money Multiplier game mechanic, similar to mixed-reality scratchers, that have a potential to multiply the potential amount of KRNC issued on a paper bill. This provided lots of fun opportunities for microinteractions. Overall this was a very interesting project that handled many mobile UX issues facing the emerging blockchain space.

Creative Team:

Allen Wong - Sr Designer